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Secure HIE

Secure Health Information Exchange (HIE) or Clinical Data Sharing are sets of electronic tools within and connected to Sutter EHR that allow clinicians and other users supporting patient care to securely share patient medical information between doctors’ offices, hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, skilled nursing facilities, and other providers both in and outside of Sutter Health.

Clinicians no longer have to rely on fax or postal mail to transfer patient records between health care providers; they can simply and securely send or download the information they need to provide the best, most coordinated care possible.

Secure Health Information Exchange is currently accomplished using these tools:

  • Sutter Community Connect: A complete electronic health record and practice management system (Sutter EHR) that enables care coordination and communication between physicians, providers and patients. Sutter Community Connect makes it possible for physicians outside Sutter Health to purchase and use this system.
  • SutterLink: A portal for non-Sutter physicians and other users that provides secure access to the clinical information within Sutter EHR to support patient care.
  • Care Everywhere: Epic’s HIE application which allows information sharing between organizations connected to the Care Everywhere network as well as other organizations through the national eHealth Exchange. Training documents for Care Everywhere can be found on the Sutter Wiki. The Sutter Wiki can be accessed on a Sutter-networked computer.
  • Direct Secure Messaging (DSM): A federally sanctioned process and infrastructure for sending secure medical messages and documents between health care organizations. Messages may be sent from and are received in the Sutter EHR In Basket. Messages are also generated automatically at the time of care transitions, e.g., referral or discharge, to a provider capable of receiving DSM.
  • Sutter HIE: (Rolling out in 2015.) Orion Health’s HIE application which allows information sharing between providers and organizations that may not be available through Care Everywhere.